Thinking of getting an Air Purifier? Here’s what we think of Rowenta’s Pure Air Genius!

Get the scoop on Rowenta’s Pure Air Genius; the smartest air purifier on the market—and the science and tech behind it all.

After the craziness of 2020, the last thing I want this year are allergens in the air. So let’s say goodbye to allergens and fine dust particles and hello to clean air with Rowenta! I had been on the hunt for an air purifier that would do the job quickly and effectively and Rowenta’s Pure Air Genius was the obvious choice. It’s the only purifier on the market that filters up to 100% of allergens- not to mention it does so in less than 5 minutes! 


Why do you need an air purifier anyway? 

The air we breathe is often full of dust, particles, pollen, smoke and bacteria. Studies show that continuously breathing in the aforementioned can lead to health problems, especially if you have pre-existing conditions. There is absolutely no harm in purifying your air, and if you live in a small space in the city, it’s important to be in control of the air since it’s shared with so many people. 


How does an air purifier work?

Rowenta’s Pure Air Genius uses their latest HEPA allergy+ filter which strains air through to remove any particles and bacteria. Most purifiers use a typical HEPA filter but the Pure Air Genius takes it to the next level and uses the HEPA allergy+ which allows it to be the only purifier on the market that filters up to 100% of allergens. 


Where should you put an air purifier?

It’s recommended that you put your air purifier in the space you spend the most time in. For most people this happens to be the bedroom however you could place your Pure Air Genius in your office space or living area if you notice it to be the space you spend the most time and feel a difference in air quality. By placing your air purifier in your bedroom, which often collects the most dust, you’re ensuring that while asleep you are not breathing in dust, bacteria or anything in between! 


My experience with the Rowenta Intense Pure Air Genius Connect

Photo: Rowenta

I started by downloading the Rowenta app, which connected to the purifier with ease. Through the app, I’m able to monitor the quality of the air in real-time no matter where I am (as long as I have wifi)! The app also keeps me up to date with when I need to replace the filter and lets me know what the air quality is outside.. Rowenta’s app is comprehensive, user friendly, and keeps me in the know! 

I used to wake up with a stuffy nose in my apartment almost every morning but since using my Pure Air Genius,, I’ve woken up feeling amazing! I didn’t think I would actually be able to notice such a difference in such a short period of time but I’ve realized that the quality of air in my apartment affects the way I feel on a day to day basis. 

The sleek look and the quiet nature of the filter make it almost unnoticeable in my small space. I’m able to wipe it clean easily and feel comfortable knowing that it comes with a full year warranty. 

If you’re looking for an air purifier, you can order your Pure Air Genius now.


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