This Local Coffee Shop is Throwing It Back to Keep Moving Forward

The pandemic has brought forth hardship for businesses across the country, but the hospitality industry has been hit like no other. Amidst a second lockdown, local Toronto restaurants and coffee shops have been forced to take their business online and pivot.

During this time, shops are doing anything they can to stay relevant to Torontonians but Milky’s took it to a whole new level. Located at 760 Dundas Street West, Milky’s Toronto serves thoughtfully crafted and unique specialty drinks.

With a focus on crafting seasonal specialties, like their warm and cozy “Chinatown Fog”, they took a new approach to gain traction this weekend. If their drinks don’t win you over, their “Full House” inspired video will!


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Two of Milky’s loyal customers, Jordan Taub and Mike Kirsh (@tbagandkman) , created the theme video to help spread the love throughout this uncertain, lonely time. Even though you can’t enjoy a hot drink inside Milky’s right now, it’s nice to know the crew is waiting patiently to invite us back.

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