This Saturday is Food Day Canada

Join us this Saturday, August 1st for Food Day Canada – a celebration of our nationwide favourite foods, ingredients and all the people involved in our culinary experiences! From the farmers in the fields to the chefs and restaurateurs to the grocery stores and food supplies, and finally, the families that enjoy our quality foods, we are celebrating everything food-related!

Need ideas on how to celebrate Food Day Canada? Try one of the following options:

Try making your favourite dish with local ingredients.

Let’s support Canadian food by purchasing Canadian ingredients and making our favourite dishes.

Thank someone in the food industry for the work they do to provide our quality food.

Know someone working in the food industry? Give them thanks for their hard work and dedication that produce our quality food we enjoy every day!

Order takeout or visit your favourite patio for a local dish. 

If you can safely visit a restaurant and remain socially distanced, try going out to celebrate Food Day Canada. Or order in your favourite meals from your favourite local restaurant, and enjoy a picnic spread on your balcony or deck.

Get social!

Create your favourite meal, celebrate with your family and share it by using #FoodDayCanada and @FoodDayCanada on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!



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