This Toronto Laundromat is Offering Free Laundry Services To Those In Need

>When Yummi Cafe Laundry owner, Nancy Seto, saw a growing number of customers skipping the dryer and taking home their wet clothes, she became concerned. She asked one of her regular customers why he would do that, and he responded that he could either dry the clothes or buy milk for his children. Seto not only covered the cost of drying the man’s clothes that day but took it further by setting up a GoFundMe initiative to make free laundry services available to the community. Thanks to community donations and Seto’s generous heart, the Free Laundry Access Program has been up and running since early March.

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How it Works

Running Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the Free Laundry Access Program is available to anyone in financial need, no proof required. All you have to do is bring your laundry, inform the attendant you are in need of free laundry access, and the program will cover the cost of using the washer, dryer, and detergent. There are currently 2 locations that offer the program – Yummi Cafe Laundromat at 956 St. Clair Ave W and Beach Solar Laundromat at 2240 Queen St E.

Why start a free laundry program? According to the Yummi Cafe’s website: “In this time of need, we as a community must come together and support each other. Now more than ever, everyone deserves to have clean laundry.” During these hard times, the world needs more people like Nancy Seto.

Seto has already raised over $8,000, surpassing her $1,000 goal. Any donations are welcome on the Yummi Cafe’s Laundry Access To Those In Need GoFundMe page. Let’s keep up this great initiative for as long as we can Toronto!

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