This Toronto Smart Kitchen Is a Summer Must-Try

>At Cubby Smart Kitchen, they have brought four exciting food concepts together under one roof. This efficient takeout restaurant is a one-stop-shop for those friends and couples who can never agree on what to eat. Located at 106 Queen St. E, at Cubby you can find burgers, poke bowls, Afghan food, fish and chips and much more. No need to settle for just one choice, you can combine different dishes into one order! While this is the first of its kind in the city, we have a feeling this smart kitchen, launched last fall, will be the first of many in store for Toronto.

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Picture this: Trinity Bellwoods, drinks and a build-your-own-burger picnic

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Cubby Smart Kitchen

Four different restaurants have joined forces to create Cubby Smart Kitchen. Choose from Caasa Afghan Bowl with options like the keto bowl, kabob and falafel pita, Burlington Charcoal Pit that offers build your own burgers, souvlaki and salads, Kai Poke serving up fresh poke and smoothie bowls and lastly Hookt Seafood where you can enjoy crab cakes, fish and chips, calamari and other seafood dishes. Cubby Smart Kitchen also offers Kabob Platters and Burger Platters that are a picnic feast in a box! We know what we’re doing this summer…

What makes Cubby even more fantastic, is the automated ordering system. Scroll through nutritious and delicious food options on the touch screens inside the restaurant, place your order through the same screens and your food will be slid through a self-serve cubby in the wall (hence the restaurant name) after it has been prepared by the team of culinary experts! The future has arrived in the form of a robot restaurant at Trinity Bellwoods.

Order Cubby Smart Kitchen right to your door through Uber Eats.

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