Top 6 in the 6ix: Fashionable Face Masks

At this point, masks have become just as much of an accessory as your phone, earphones and rings. Typical masks include the blue dental or white ones, but let’s take it up a notch with some more stylish face mask options. There are so many beautiful handmade pieces out there to complement your style. During lockdown, many people started creating their own handmade masks using fun and colourful fabric. Often, they would give a percentage of their sales to those who support essential workers. As it looks like masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, below is a list of some of the best places to buy masks to upgrade your game on a daily level or even during essential travel. 

1. Silk Laundry


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This Montreal-based brand creates their silk masks with leftover material from one of their clothing lines. Their masks are soft and easy to wash. The non-medical grade material is gentle for the skin and made with elastic ear straps to keep it secure on your face. There are multiple colours including hazelnut, black and blue, in addition to those that have beautiful prints, such as horses and French flowers. 

2. Preloved (Black-owned business)


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Stay safe during the pandemic and support a local Black-owned business! With every purchase of one of their 3-pack face masks, $3 will be donated to CanadaHelps Covid-19 Relief Fund. All their masks are 100% washable and contain small pockets on the side to include filters to increase the effectiveness of the mask. 3-packs come in black, grey and blue or even in three different types of plaid patterns. 

3. The Peoples Mask (Black-owned business)


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The Peoples Mask comes with all the extra precautions it needs to keep you safe during the pandemic. Each mask comes with a filter pocket do add a filter for extra protection. It also comes with an extra layer of pm2.5 filter, so you know this mask will protect you. There are a variety of options to choose from including overhead straps, ones with earloops and ones that support and spread awareness of Breast Cancer with the embroidered pink ribbon on the front. 

4. Horses Atelier


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Horses Atelier is regularly known for their comfortable and fashionable jumpsuits. Now, they are repurposing their leftover fabric to create soft and comfortable masks. Their masks consist of two layers of linen-cotton-polyester-silk blend and are available in multiple colours and patterns. A portion of all sales will be donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank so sign up for their mailing list to see all your options. 

5. Greta Constantine


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In order to support local and small businesses, Greta Constantine is selling their line of face masks at different stores across Ontario and Vancouver. Their fashion-forward masks are available double-layered and breathable. There are multiple designs available, including the Jaguar Print Mask and their Ruffle Trim Mask in various colours. 

6. Joseph Tasoni


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This Ontario designer brand has been making their masks with locally sourced material that resits sweat and bacterial build-up. This non-medical material mask comes in various colours including soft orange, red and classic black. With every purchase, they are donating $5 to the Joseph Brant Hospital to help support front line workers. 


Please remember to stay home and wear your mask when going outside!

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