Top 6 in the 6ix: Sushi Takeout/Delivery Restaurants of the Week

It’s International Sushi Day and we’ve got the list of the some of the best places to order in from for your celebration. The popularity attributed to sushi isn’t really a surprise, given how this Japanese dish comes in a variety of preparations. While it may be largely associated with raw fish, there are a lot of types of sushi that are vegetarian. It’s definitely a delectable item that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Top six sushi places in the city for delivery:


Photo: Courtesy of Miku

Flame seared sushi, also known as aburi sushi is Miku Toronto’s speciality. They provide an extensive menu with a variety of platters and meal kits, to create the sushi experience at home. Available for delivery via Uber Eats.


Photo: Courtesy of Tora

The sister restaurant to Miku and also home to the aburi sushi. Tora offers signature pressed and flame seared sushi, along with different sushi sets. Available for delivery via Uber Eats.

Chotto Matte 

Photo: Courtesy of Chotto Matte

This Japanese-Peruvian themed restaurant offers the very best of Nikkei cuisine. The menu consists of a wide selection of dishes, cocktails, sake and wine. A new addition is the Nikkei BBQ Fried Chicken and Black Cod Aji Miso. Available for delivery via Uber Eats, Skip The Dishes and DoorDash.

The Haam

Photo: Courtesy of The Haam

It’s the perfect choice for those looking for the perfect mix of Japanese and Mexican cuisines. Want some tacos to go along with your plate of sashimi? The Haam has got you covered. Available for delivery via Skip The Dishes.

Kibo Sushi

Photo: Courtesy of Kibo Sushi

Offers some of the best premium sushi in the city. There is a good selection of sushi and tempura apps, rolls and sushi pizza. Available for delivery via Uber Eats, Skip The Dishes and DoorDash.

TORCH Pressed Sushi

Photo: Courtesy of Torch Pressed Sushi

Specialises in pressed or boxed sushi that is flame seared with a blowtorch. The menu comprises of hand rolls, bento boxes, rice bowls and Japanese drinks. Available for delivery via DoorDash and Uber Eats.

Once again, Happy International Sushi day and enjoy your sushi, folks!

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