Toronto’s Newest Online Gallery is Supporting Local “Pop-Style” Artists

For those of us who fancy ourselves as art aficionados, Art By is a brand new online gallery showcasing Toronto’s local, pop-style artists. Founded by Toronto entrepreneur, Michael Henry, in 2019; their mission is to unite, grow and connect residents to The 6ix’s vibrant art scene. The online gallery not only works with Toronto’s leading artists, but emerging artists from across Canada as well.

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It’s easy to forget, with our focus so heavily on restaurants, that Ontario’s creative community has also been heavily impacted by COVID-19. Going on over a year of closures for art galleries, artists have had to get creative when it comes to not only showcasing, but distributing their work to the public.

“As we all know, in-person events were severely impacted by COVID-19 so we have had to redirect our efforts to support Toronto artists. We are excited to announce the launch of our new e-commerce website as a way to continue to recognize and support the art community and provide the opportunity to collect pieces from amazing local artists.”

Michael Henry, Foundr of Art By.

The Artists

Art By promotes a number of Canadian pop-style artists. One of the most notable being Heather Haynes; Canadian painter, humanitarian and gender equality activist. Haynes is best known for her eighty-panel installation called “Wall of Courage”, created to honour the resilience of the human spirit. Haynes’ art has not only helped to inspire others, but to provide financial relief to those in need. For each of Haynes’ pieces sold here,10% of the profits will be donated to help those in The Democratic Republic of the Congo with the mission of eradicating poverty through education and healthcare.

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Art By hosts a variety of different one-of-a-kind pieces from local artists. Get your very own photo taken by award-winning fashion photographer and creative director, Max Jamali. Browse graffiti-style art by D-Snow or pieces from graphic artist, Moon Koncepts.

Bringing Art to Everyone

Supporting the local art community has never been easier, even with lockdown restrictions still in effect. Prices range from a few hundred, to a few thousand dollars – depending on the piece. You can check out the entire curated collection of Canadian pop-style art at their website.

Henry has big plans for the future. The online gallery is looking to start incorporating large-scale installations once they are able to. As well as a focus on mentoring new and emerging artists across Canada.

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