Tristan Thompson Wants You To “Pull Up” To This Toronto Restaurant

>Tristan Thompson, Brampton native and NBA star, is back in The 6ix this weekend and supporting local. This basketball champ of 2016 knows what it means to support the city he loves during the harsh conditions the restaurants industry has faced over the past year. He made an appearance in Yorkville this afternoon at none other than One Restaurant at the Hazleton Hotel.

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“Pull Up”

Video: @realtristan13

In Tristan’s IG story, he’s seen outside at One’s curbside restaurant outside. He refers to One’s executive chef, Darby Piquette, as “my guy” and calls us Torontonians to “pull up”. He even refers to Darby as the goat (greatest of all time) in the story’s caption! We love the Toronto spirit…it must be true what they say; you can leave The 6ix but The 6ix never leaves you.

Tristan’s Order

Wanna eat like a pro? Well, this weekend you can! Although One has been changing up their weekly menu, you can still replicate Tristan’s order tomorrow. Here’s what he got:

Crispy Chicken Tacos Wagyu Street Burger with FriesFunnel Cake

Let’s break this order down. The crispy chicken tacos are topped with a Korean BBQ sauce, pickled nappa cabbage, avocado, sesame aioli and cilantro. The burger, made of wagyu, is even available as a Beyond Meat burger (*smiles in vegan*). And the funnel cakes are topped with a ‘Norohy’ vanilla bean ice cream and ‘Harry’s Berries’ organic strawberry compote. A meal fit for a star if you ask me.

Curbside Pickup at One Restaurant

Take Tristan’s advice and head on over to One Restaurant in Yorkville for some curbside pickup this weekend! You can check out Darby Piquette’s IG story here, where he posts the weekend menu. The best thing about a summer in Toronto is basking in the beautiful scenery the city has to offer. A weekend spent in Yorkville is a weekend done right and a visit to One’s curbside BBQ is on our Sunday bucket list!

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