Unbox Local: Shop Owners Create Business Cards From Used Amazon Boxes

>Small businesses need our support now more than ever, but it seems many people are too easily persuaded by the low cost and convenience of the online shop behemoth, Amazon. Local shops have been forced to close their doors while Amazon just closed their most profitable year with $386 billion, an increase of 37% from 2019. In an attempt to offset this huge increase and encourage people to shop local, creative agency Taxi has launched a campaign in which used Amazon boxes are turned into business cards for local small businesses in Toronto.

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Using their biggest competitor’s packaging as self-promotion, local shops are turning what could have been a loss of business into an encouragement of local shopping. Not only this, but the campaign, which is called Unbox Local, is resourceful with the use of recycled materials. The campaign has launched with Toronto-based book shop Another Story and Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop, who have both felt the effects of big-box companies taking over their sales. Like many other small businesses in Toronto, they are pushing forward and fighting to remain a part of their communities.

“The boxes were found around the city, each one cut and stamped individually,” says Alexis Bronstorph, Co-Chief Creative Officer at TAXI. “It’s heartbreaking to see the impact these lockdowns have on small business. We knew we had to start the shop local conversation again, or at least keep it going.”

Get Your Own Unbox Local Business Stamp!

Unbox local is open and available to other small businesses located in Toronto. For your chance to get a free personalized business stamp head over to unboxlocal.org. Stamps are limited so enter while you can!

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