#UnitedWeFight–Toronto’s Fitness Community Fights to be Deemed “Essential” During Lockdown

>Today, the fitness community is taking a stand to fight for mental and physical health for all while Ontario remains in Lockdown 3.0. Over a hundred Toronto business owners and members of the sports/fitness community have arranged a peaceful, and COVID safe, demonstration at David Pecaut Square at 6:30pm this Friday evening. Their goal is to advocate for the Ford Government to recognize sports and fitness activities as essential during the imposed restrictions not only in Toronto, but across the province.

photo: courtesy of united we fight

#UnitedWeFight Movement

#UnitedWeFight was created to advocate for the sports and fitness community and help influence change in lockdown restrictions that are negatively affecting our health. The health and fitness industry plays a key role in our overall mental and physical well-being; hundreds have come together online to explain why this movement is essential to them. It comes down to this simple fact: exercise is part of the solution, not the problem. While indoor activities are deemed unsafe, outdoor exercise can be practiced safely, and should be encouraged.

Join the Fight

If you’re interested in joining the fight with the #UnitedWeFight movement, check out the 30-minute bodyweight bootcamp being held at 6:30pm tonight at David Pecaut Square. COVID-19 safety is top priority at this demonstration.

You can expect: QR code health surveys, contact tracing, temperature checks, social distancing enforced at ALL times, masks must be worn and no large gatherings are allowed. This is an opportunity for Toronto to prove that we can be safe, and still get an outdoor workout.

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The bootcamp will be accompanied by a live DJ and Performance by Toronto-based artist and PHNX Fit House owner, Ro Joaquim. Other notable attendees include: UFC Fighter Elias Theodorou, TV Host and Founder of Healthy is Hot, and mental health advocate, Ajani Charles.

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