Valentine’s Day PLAY for Couples; What Does it Mean?

>At first thought, thinking about Valentine’s Day this year may be somewhat uninspiring. Many couples are stuck at home together in a lockdown, likely experiencing the monotony of quarantine. Since couples can’t connect in the traditional ways this year, how can they maintain healthy, exciting relationships? Kara Latta, the Founder and Chief Fun Officer of The Playful Warrior, says the answer may surprise you: play more. Bringing out and re-discovering your inner child will not only bring you closer to yourself but also your partner! 

Play is essential to keeping a relationship thriving. Play refreshes and fuels a long-term adult relationship and is essential to true intimacy, according to Stuart Brown, MD. National Institute for Play.Playfulness is the ultimate connector for any relationship. It brings you closer together, enhances your empathy and capacity for intimacy. It encourages vulnerability and a chance to express who you really are.

What is the Playful Warrior?

The Playful Warrior set out to create a special experience to switch up date night and make it the best Valentine’s Day yet. It’s a safe way to have fun and reignite the sense of wonder in any relationship.

You can tap into fun with the following unique play sessions (not limited to couples – it’s about celebrating all kinds of love!):

Couples Creative Play Experience – The perfect way to connect with your partner in new ways and reignite the sense of wonder and intimacy in your relationshipBest Friend Play Experience – Celebrate your friendship and have loads of fun while doing it!Inner Child Date – Your most important relationship is the one you have with yourself – treat yourself and your inner child with a playdate!

Each session is a 60-minute creative play session done on Zoom and includes playful and sensory activities (shhh! They are a surprise!) 

Benefits of Play for Everyone

*connects us to our team and creates a culture of belonging

*reduces cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress

*increases our productivity, contrary to what many think!

*leads to brain plasticity and adaptability

*invites joy!

*minimizes burnout and maintains high-level performance

* improves creativity and problem-solving skills

*energizes us and brings fresh ideas….and so much more!

Ways to Play More

The Playful Warrior also works 1:1 with clients with ThoughtPLAY, an innovative 8-week PLAY journey that transforms your subconscious mind and uses the power of uninhibited creativity to create a life that excites you. It features the PLAYBox and PLAYBook delivered to your door (mail to get excited about!!) 

She also works with corporate teams to help boost mental health, engage employees and minimize burnout with the power of play.

You can reach out to Kara on Instagram @theplayfulwarrior here or check out her website for more at

bout Kara Latta

Kara is the Founder and Chief Fun Officer of The Playful Warrior and a Play and Mindset Coach. She’s also a Speaker and Certified Life & Success Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, TIME Techniques and EFT Tapping Practitioner.

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