Where to Eat in and Around Ottawa Right Now


The Parliament of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario | Shutterstock/Facto Photo

Restaurants in the capital reopen today, but takeout is still a good idea

Canada’s capital city has long been maligned as stodgy, no fun, and filled with dull bureaucrats. Thankfully, that reputation is changing. In recent years, the city’s creative industries have started to gain a small foothold, and the food scene in Ottawa and Gatineau, Ottawa’s twin city across the river, has grown rapidly — thanks in part to the money those same bureaucrats spend on meals. Although the city has boasted some big destination restaurants for nearly a decade, it’s the newer arrivals and some cheaper eats that generally make for essential Ottawa dining.

Some venues on this list have been permitted to resume dine-in service today, but this list should not be taken as an endorsement for dining in. As there are still safety concerns, takeout and delivery are your best options. For updated information on coronavirus cases in your area, please visit the official sites of the Ontario and Quebec governments.

Shawna Wagman contributed research and editing.

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