Where to Order Takeout Easter Feasts in Montreal


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Ten restaurants serving Sicilian sweets, maple-smoked ham, Portuguese roast lamb, and more for the holiday

At around this time last year, Montreal restaurants were fumbling to make sense of a newly enacted lockdown meant to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Easter, for many, was lost. That uncertainty, in various forms, lives on to this day, but when it comes to wrapping up all the elements needed for an at-home feast, well, this time, they’re ready.

For this second Easter beset by strict coronavirus restrictions, including an ongoing ban on indoor dining, Montreal restaurants have conceived special three-course brunch menus, brimming baskets of family-style spreads, and a bounty of seasonal sweets. Lamb features prominently, either roasted with Portuguese spices, swaddled in pasta for a cannelloni gratin, or fashioned into a porchetta-style roll, and so do various iterations of buttery, flaky tarts, with both savoury and sweet fillings. For dessert, there are fruity hot cross buns and a traditional Sicilian cake, as well as maple-tinged sweets spotlighting the ingredient du jour in Quebec.

Here’s where to pick up a feast for Easter 2021 in Montreal. Get cracking — quantities are limited and pre-ordering is strongly recommended.

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