You Can Now Recycle Your Empty Beauty Products at Nordstrom

>With Earth Day just a few weeks away, you’re probably wondering how you can implement more eco-friendly practices in your life. Well, recycling empty beauty containers just got much easier because now all you have to do is collect them and drop them off at your local Nordstrom store as part of their BEAUTYCYCLE program. 

The program was launched in the US last year and it’s all part of Nordstrom’s plan to take back 100 tons of hard-to-recycle beauty packaging by 2025.

“We understand our customers care about sustainability, and we want to help them move toward a zero-waste beauty routine so they can look great and do good at the same time,” said Gemma Lionello, executive vice president, general merchandise manager, accessories and beauty, at Nordstrom said in a release.

“We’re proud to expand access to a recycling program that will help our Canadian customers easily and conveniently recycle their beauty packaging.”

Gemma Lionello

Photo: Nordstrom Canada

Once you drop off your empties in the BEAUTYCYCLE box, Nordstrom will send the contents to TerraCycle where they’ll be cleaned and separated into metals, glass and plastics.

Those materials are then recycled based on the material composition. For example, plastics are recycled into a wide range of new products including park benches and picnic tables, while metals are reused as base materials for stamped product applications like nuts, bolts, washers and rings.

Wondering what beauty products can be recycled? Customers can bring in any empty cosmetic, haircare, or skincare packaging regardless of brand or purchase location. Anything from shampoo bottles, lip balm tubes, glass jars, concealer sticks, and even shaving cream tubes can all be brought in and recycled at Nordstrom.

Featured Image: Nordstrom Canada

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